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How long are the adventures hikes?

Adventure hikes range from 1.5-2 hours in length depending on the activity level of the dog group. You can plan on the dogs being away from home 3-6 hours every day.

Do you mix small breeds and large breeds?

Depends a lot on temperament and size. This will be case by case as some small dogs do great with a pack of larger dogs. However, if the dog is not comfortable with larger animals I will have a separate adventure for the smaller breeds.

Do you take behaviorally challenging dogs?

(Depends on the problem) I screen the animals I take on adventures very thoroughly and will be able to answer this question when I visit your dog for a meet and greet consultation. Absolutely no aggressive dogs will be taken on group hikes.

How many dogs do you take at once?

Right now my group sizes are ranging from 4-6 dogs per day. My capacity is dependent upon the dogs in the group. I can handle as many as 10 dogs off leash at a time. However I am sensitive to my impact on the trail and others. I take the doggies to places with minimal usage and typically see more deer than people.

I have many options for pet sitters and dog walkers why choose Auggie’s Doggie Adventures?

I have over 15 years experience handling large groups of dogs. During this time I have had many experiences that allowed me to develop a good understanding of K9 behavior and hone leadership skills. This is my passion and my life. My well being is directly affected if I fail to meet the needs of my clients. You can be assured your pets will be healthier and happier after using my service. My clients rave about how tired their doggies are when I bring them home!